BAS Manual & Checklists for Reckon Accounts


The QA – Reckon Accounts BAS Manual is the most comprehensive workbook (together with checklists and reconciling spreadsheets) that we have ever produced regarding the BAS and Reckon Accounts. It has been designed to provide every Reckon Accounts user responsible for the BAS with a simple documented process on how how to use and review the tools available within Reckon Accounts to ensure that your GST and BAS return is fully reconciled prior to lodging with the ATO (or sending to your Accountant or Bookkeeper for their review).



·         How to check that you have the correct Preferences setup for GST/BAS tracking in Reckon Accounts 

·         How to perform the QA - 3 Way reconciliation of your GST Reports, General Ledger and BAS Form

·         How to Reconcile and Proof the Tax Payable (GST Account) on your Balance Sheet

·         Reviewing your Payroll Item setup for correct BAS reporting

·         How to Process your BAS & IAS Liability Payments (or BAS Refunds)

·         What reports to produce (and why) for each BAS period

·         How to check for Opening Balance Issues in the file from prior BAS periods

·         Find out about the “BAS Journal” and How and Why to process It?

·         Comprehensive BAS checklists to follow each BAS period for both “Cash” and “Accruals” reporting

Plus much, much more in a 50 page guide to preparing and reconciling the BAS in Reckon Accounts that you can refer to every BAS period.

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The QA – Reckon Accounts BAS Manual has been compiled by team of our fully accredited Reckon consultants and trainers. The presenters have in excess of 30 years combined experience as Reckon Accounts Accredited Consultants and have worked with thousands of businesses in setting up, training and ongoing support of their Reckon Accounts program. Therefore ensuring that the workbook content is both practical and of the highest possible standard available in the country. The workbook also combines the Accounting and Bookkeeping backgrounds of our team. The BAS Workbook has also been the backbone of the QA – Reckon Accounts BAS Workshop which has been undertaken by hundreds of BAS preparers over the past 20 years including Bookkeepers, Accountants, Consultants and Business Owners and Operators.