1. QA Reckon Accounts - Advanced Payroll Manual
  2. QA Reckon Accounts - Advanced Payroll Manual

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    Supply of QA - Reckon Accounts (formerly called QuickBooks In Australia) Advanced Payroll Manual (68 Pages) - Available as an Online Document in PDF format (Valued at $129) (#)

    Discover the Advanced Payroll Features (and workarounds) to solves the more complex payroll requirements in business today.

    Topics covered include,

    - How to manage Salary Sacrifice Setup within the system

    - Employee Loans processing Via Payroll

    - Tacking Leave (including Time in Lieu)

    - Understanding Key Payroll Reports

    - Processing and Reporting on Reportable Fringe Benefits

    - Plus Much, Much, More......


    - Complimentary Copy of The Bookkeepers End of Month Checklist (Valued at $49)

    ** Please Note this Manual is designed for use with the Integrated Payroll solution contained within the Reckon Accounts software program - Not the sperate Stand Alone Reckon Payroll product.

    ** Fully Covered by the QA 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee ***

    (#) - Once your order is processed within 24-48 hrs you will receive an email containing a link to access the manual and checklists online.