Press Releases

QA Business and Clayton Oates (our founder) both win prestigious National Awards
Reckon Ltd (the Australian Public Company that distributes QuickBooks - now called Reckon Accounts) has awarded two prestigious National Awards to QA Business and Clayton Oates. You can read more about the awards here.  


Business Costs and Are They Adding Value to your Business
In this article on the NRBM website Clayton writes on looking at the costs and outgoings of your business and why it's important to have the necessary, accurate, timely, information on which to base your analysis. You can read the article here.  
Show me the Money
In this article on the NRBM website Clayton writes on ways to improve your collection of money from your debtors. You can read the article here.

Articles on Kochie’s Business Builders Website
As a member of Kochies Business Builders team, Clayton Oates (Founder & Chief Solutions Officer of QA Business) regularly contributes articles to the Small Business section of the Yahoo7 and NRBM websites, click here to view the latest articles and resources from various experts to assist you in running your business.

Clayton Oates Discussing Improving Point of Sale Systems
Clayton Oates, systems expert, talks with Suzie Cohen from Tongue Teasers about improving her in-store point of sale systems. Clayton discusses the options available to Tongue Teasers and says that a new system will provide better business analysis, improved stock control and increase staff efficiencies.


The Benefits of Accounting Software at Tax Time
David Koch talks with software expert Clayton Oates, David Lazarus from Functions Afloat and Matthew Dillon from Kapow Media about tax record keeping. Clayton says small business need to know what records to keep and to make sure that they comply with the ATO. He recommends the ATO website and accounting software programs for small businesses.

Clayton Oates appears on My Business TV
In this episode Clayton Oates & David Koch talk to Diana Williams from Impact Displays about the accounting software system for her business. Clayton and Diana discuss how converting to an accounting package from a manual systemhas improved her business efficiency.
NRBM Cover Story- Smart Business
Clayton Oates is interviewed by NRBM on the case of business efficiency
NRBM - Buying Time for your Business
What is the one thing that a Small Business owner needs more of? You might think Money! However, more often the answer is Time
Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Accounting Software
QA Managing Director (Clayton Oates) is interviewed by Kochie’s Business Builders to assist small business owners and operators in how to choose the right accounting software for their business. Find out more.