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Please Print, Read and Apply The Following Procedures before installing the Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax Table Update

The following information is an extract of the procedures advised by Reckon in relation to the 2013 Reckon Accounts Tax Table Update - You will need to be a current Reckon Customer who has Reckon Accounts 2013 installed and licenced and you will need to be an eligible Reckon Customer who is entitled to access to the update which is accessed via use of  your valid Reckon ID and PIN?

The following information is also contained at the web address

Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax Table Update is an update for Reckon Accounts 2013 customers. It includes changes as detailed below in this document, as well as tax tables for the 2013/14 Financial Year.


Who needs to install this Update?

This update is for ALL versions of Reckon Accounts 2013. If you currently use Reckon Accounts 2013 Plus, Pro, Premier and Enterprise Payroll Functionality, you MUST install this update to be compliant for the 2013/14 Financial Year.


Products Affected

The following Reckon Accounts products are affected:

  1. Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2013
  2. Reckon Accounts Premier 2013
  3. Reckon Accounts Pro 2013
  4. Reckon Accounts Plus 2013
  5. Reckon Accounts Accounting 2013

Updates and Enhancements

PAYG Tax Tables
PAYG Tax Tables updated for 2013-14 Financial Year. Specifically the HELP and SFSS component rates have been updated.

Superannuation - The statutory Superannuation Guarantee Rate has been increased from 9% to 9.25%.

State Payroll Taxes - Updated to be current as at 30th of May 2013.

Fix for Windows XP issues - Resolved the issue of Reckon Accounts not remembering the previously opened company file or previous backup location on XP. 
Resolved the issue of the Accountants toggle not working on XP.

Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) – The Report has been updated so that large reports can now be exported.


We strongly recommend that you read the Install and Upgrade Guide for Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax Update document to gain an insight into the relevant changes which will occur as a result of you installing this service pack.


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Installing Reckon Accounts Tax Table Update


This product contains tax tables for 2013/14 Financial Year that take effect from 1st July 2013.

You must process employee pays for the 2012/13 Financial Year prior to installing this update. Otherwise your 2012/13 pay calculations will not be correct.

Once you have installed this update, Reckon Accounts will use the 2013/14 tax tables to calculate pays. 


  • Process all pays for the 2012/13 financial year; 
  • Rebuild your Reckon Accounts 2013 Company file(s);
  • Create a backup of your Reckon Accounts 2013 company file(s);
  • Exit from Reckon Accounts 2013;
  • Download the ReckonAccounts_2013_Tax_Update.exe file and save it to a location on your hard drive (For example, C:[temp] or the Desktop);
  • You must reboot your PC and ensure that Reckon Accounts remains closed during the update process;
  • After rebooting the PC you may need to stop the following Reckon Accounts services:
    • a)     QBCFMonitorService or QuickBooks Database Manager Service &
    • b)     QuickBooksDB22;
    • To do this:
    • a)     Click on Start then enter services.msc in the search programs... or Run box;
    • b)     Find QuickBooks Database Server Manager or QBCF Monitor Service, right-click and select Properties;
    • c)      Click on the Stop button. 
    1. Use Windows Explorer to locate the ReckonAccounts_2013_Tax_Update.exe, the file you just saved, and double-click it to run the setup program. 
      [Windows 7 and Windows Vista users only] Prior to installing the update ensure that you have UAC turned on and you are logged in as an Administrator;


UAC is User Account Control. Go to the Control Panel, click User Accounts.

For all Windows Server installations, the installation must be started via the Add/Remove feature with the Control Panels Add or Remove programs.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax Table Update. After installing the update successfully, you can delete the ReckonAccounts_2013_Tax_Update.exe file. Alternatively, save it to a safe location in case you need to re-install Reckon Accounts and this update at a later date;

To check that Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax Table Update has been installed correctly, press Ctrl+1 on your keyboard. Your Reckon Accounts product information should be ReckonAccounts 2013 Release R2P. Reckon Accounts 2013 Plus, Pro, Premier and Enterprise customers can also verify by checking the tax table version. To do this, go to the Employees Menu and select Tax Table Information. If your tax table version matches 1314222, it indicates that you have installed the update successfully; 


If you are using Reckon Accounts 2013 in a multi-user environment, you need to install this update on all workstations accessing your company file. You cannot use a company file in a multi-user environment unless all installations are updated to the same version. Please note that in network environments where you are using the QuickBooks Database Manager on a standalone server, the database manager DOES NOT require this upgrade.


Click Here for Access to Reckon 2013 Tax Table Update