1. QA Reckon Accounts - Payroll EOY Manual
  2. QA Reckon Accounts - Payroll EOY Manual

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    Supply of QA - Reckon Accounts (formerly called QuickBooks in Australia) 2014/15 Payroll End of Year Processing Manual (36 Page Workbook) - Available as an Online Document in PDF format (Valued at $129) (#).


    - Complimentary Copy of The Bookkeepers End of Month Checklist (Valued at $49)

    Your complete guide to the Payroll End of Year process for 2015 and reconciliations required to ensure that your payroll and accounting records are fully reconciled.

    Including detailed instructions on how to;

    - Reconcile the payroll system to the General Ledger and BAS's for the year.

    - Produce the End of Year Payments Summaries for your employees.

    - Produce the EMPDUPE file for the ATO.

    - Reconciling your Superannuation Payable Account.

    - Reporting on Leave Entitlements owing at 30 June.

    - Payroll End of Year Checklist

    - What to set up in order to be SuperStream Compliant

    - Plus Much, Much more....

    SPECIAL OFFER - Order before the 31st of October 2015 and also receive:

    - Complimentary Copy of The Bookkeepers End of Month Checklist (Valued at $49)

    ** Please Note this Manual is designed for use with the Integrated Payroll solution contained within the Reckon Accounts software program - Not the separate Stand Alone Reckon Payroll product.

    ** Fully Covered by the QA 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee ***

    (#) - Once your order is processed within 24-48 hrs you will receive an email containing a link to access the manual and checklists online.